NACHI membership in Arizona topped 175 today. Visit Russell in Phoenix on Tuesday.

Hey Nick,
What is the number of members in NH?


We are really looking forward to Russell being here!

Wooo Hoooo.:twisted:

Hey Carla, NH has 74 members



Carla: (members-only).

Cheryl, Brian, and all you other folks!
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. Be sure to bring several copies of your brochures & BCs, so we can do a little constructive critiquing.

Also, pass the word for everyone to bring their issues and problems - we’ll brainstorm about how NACHI’s resources can provide solutions.

Finally, I want to know about a place with some spicy fajitas and swimming pool-sized margaritas for the Extended Hours NACHI Meeting . . .

We will be having our first 100 deg day of the year on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bring your shorts. You might need to jump in that swimming pool sized margarita.

53.6 with gorgeous sun here right now - Heaven!!!

Are you talking of Monetary resources? If so, how much are we talking.

Down there on East Van Buren Russel, you can find about any thing you might imagine, cash transactions of course.:twisted: :wink:

There are some things, in both military and civilian life, I have never paid for.
However, I have paid cash for good margaritas & fajitas . . .

Having always been a civilian Russ, I have been known to charge my margaritas and fajitas.:wink: :slight_smile:
Now if I have a say your fajitas & margaritas (both over rateted) are free.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks guys

What a great bunch in AZ- We had a marathon meeting / workshop from 4PM to 9:30PM, then adjourned to another location where it was continued to the tune of many frosted mugs of local “Kiltlifter” beer . . .

Russell did a great job. It was also nice to see everyone again.