NACHI membership in Canada topped 600 today!


I was not trying to ‘bash’ NACHI. I was just pointing out the truth. I also understand that efforts are being made to rectify this, and I think that’s great.

Bill Mullen

Bill you just made my day.

I look forward to this happening and am Glad to hear it .

Thanks Roy Cooke… A VERY HAPPY NACHI member

I don’t understand why anyone connects the size of an association to the number of members it has anyway. There are so many other quantifiable categories that are more important to individual inspectors than the number of fellow members they have.

NACHI is the larger than all other inspection trade associations combined in number of membership benefits number of industry vendor deals number of events number of continuing education offerings number of websites and on and on.

We may not be able to compare apples with oranges but we sure can count the peaches, pairs, and pumpkins.

Associations don’t make inspectors.
Inspectors make associations.

Raymond … you hit the nail on the head!
No truer words could be spoken!

Speaking of membership and Associations, why is the following OAHI committees allowed to make decisions about membership upgrading that they do not have the power to do under the by-laws of OAHI. There appears to be conspiracy within OAHI and the following Committee to stifle those they do not wish to run for office or those they do not wish to allow the right to vote.

Admissions Review Committee / Board of Examiners

Mandate: To assess member’s credentials, and to make recommendations to the membership on all matters of an educational nature including development of courses, seminars, programs, and related activities.

 Andrew Bennett 

Terry Carson
Andrew Dixon
Glenn Gogal
Carl D. Inglis
Andrew Radomski
Doug Silverthorn


Why is the Finance Committee failing to investigate and address accounting irregularities that have been brought to their attention? Same players as in the BOE/Admissions Review

Mandate: To assist the Treasurer in re-gards to the finances of the Association, and assist in providing financial reports to the members.

Alrek Meipoom - Chair
Ralph Banks
Terry Carson
Graham Clarke

With the upcoming vote/AGM everyone needs to be assured there is no scull duggery and should be sure to vote with Proxy B and not approve anything to do with Special Assessments, or the draft budget and should be sure to ask the people above where the audited statements are and where are the quarterly reports amongst other reports required by the by-laws and the Corporations Act?

Strange how the same players have been permitted to do as they wish and collude to keep members in the dark under the pretence everything is fine when indications are that they are not.

I want answers and so do many others in OAHI as they have been lied to.

Oh and by the way the OAHI Draft by-law changes have omitted the “Retired” issue because as I have pointed out all along the by-laws with regard to Retired ran contrary to PR 158 the enacting legislation. OAHI spends thousands on lawyer fees on something I have told them about for years. I love it when I am right. Can I invoice OAHI for legal advice, that the association lawyer charges exhorbitantly for?

As PR 158 unequivocally states anyone in the Registry is entitled to use RHI! Which leads to another question. If the big Bay Street lawyer writes the by-laws which seem to have been in error, with regard to Retired Status, why are is he being paid for something he obviously was negligent in advising? Now he gets to collect a possible $10k fee for changes to the by-laws for something he should have been aware of before! Nice!

So David go ahead and use RHI because no one can legally challenge your use if you are a member of which you are and will be in the Registry.

What do you suppose this means?

It certainly is not correct info!

Home and Cottage Inspectors

Licencing may be required through the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI).
For further information:
please call OAHI to 1-888-744-6244
visit the Web site

The propaganda is working already Raymond. If they say it often enough
people start to believe it.

or how about this one…$FILE/Handbook2005_LargePrint_E.pdf

224 Page “Canadian Consumer Handbook (2005)” lists OAHI as a place to resolve complaints.

So, where do members of OAHI complain then?

It might be more than you want to download on dial up, but the Table of Contents includes:

Canadian Consumer Handbook - 2005 Edition
Being a wise consumer means being informed. This
handbook offers tips, questions and advice on
consumers’ rights, along with contacts for help with
common problems.
Table of Contents
Welcome, Preface, and Notice to Readers
General Information
Complaining Effectively
What Now? You’ve Talked and Written, but Still No
Canadian Consumer Information Gateway
Consumer Tips
Advance Fee Scams
Apparel and Textile Care
Collection Agencies
Mail Order
Major Purchases
Misleading Advertising
Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Selling Schemes
Online Fraud
Product Safety
Refund and Exchange
Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices
Directory of Organizations
Better Business Bureaus
Consumer Affairs Offices
Consumer Groups
Energy and Utilities
Financial Services
Funeral Services
Health and Food
The Home
Other Government Contacts

Interesting, Raymond I am now trying to figure out if I should call the 888 number to become licensed by OAHI, or maybe the earlier listing for adoption and try to get adopted by somebody rich so I do not have to work anymore.

Decisions… decisions… decisions

There’s no feud between OAHI and NACHI. That BS starts with guys like Kook, Wanker and Bernier… and maybe you, too. Oh waaahhh. Couldn’t cut it at OAHI or what? All the losers and hoodlums come over here to beat their chests in unison. You turkeys make me laugh!


No feud? It appears that you have just contradicted yourself my friend.

OAHI is hiding money. OAHI is run by unelected people who think Oahi is their private piggy bank, and do and dictate what goes down. No one on the BOD of OAHI is astute enough or diligent enough to see what is going on with the members money. Whats even worse Oahi members are willing to tolerate incompetence and financial irregularites.

In the meantime anyone in OAHI is in the Registry, and I would suggest those members utilize and use their rights to RHI! Everyone in OAHI should be given the vote, after all they are all members. The clique likes to keep people down who are smarter then themselves. The trail of rot goes right to the top and to the lawyers office.

How strange considering whats being told and whats being done.

Strange a couple of years ago when I was on an OAHI committee I wanted to have meeting called so we could get information to the membership and get some feed back on a very ( what I thought ) important decision that needed to be made. I was told Oh! we can not spend money like that.
If we spend money when it is not necessary we will never be able to afford our own building.
I was also on the election Committee for three years and was removed because I complained of irregularties that continued to happen in all three.
I was led to believe there where some very serious irregularties in the finical statement and when I asked for to see proper statements I was denied .
From what I hear there has not been a proper audit since I removed myself from the OAHI association.
They had two Treasurers quit in mid terms do to improper handling of the Finances What does this tell you .
It again looks like the past treasurer is also not standing as he too is not happy with how things are being done .

I have been told that the not for profit organization is making some Directors a lot of money.

OAHI sure makes NACHI look great.

Roy Cooke A happy NACHI member

I have just been informed that Mr. Mullens post on the CAFE in which a letter from the Oahi lawyer was posted in regard to financial concerns and the minutes has been removed under duress.

It so nice to see a concerted effort to stifle information and discussion of the association and members business by parties concerned about their power base. Intimidation at its best! Boy someone within Oahi sure doesn’t want the info coming out and doesn’t want the membership at large to know of concerns!

It’s absolutely unbelievable after all these years, that you still haven’t figured out that everyone was merely paying you lip service, just to shut you up and get you out of their hair. Sorta’ like the clerk at the corner store being polite to the village idiot, while he hangs around all day with nowhere else to go. Maybe YOU couldn’t get the information you thought YOU were entitled to because YOU were too busy flapping your gums and misinterpreting the answeres. No one, other than you and your handler, seem to have much problem getting the information they need.


Any money left in the cash register? We know that any time you are around one you tend to end up with broken fingers! :slight_smile: Slower learner I guess. :wink:

Bill by the looks of your post you are saying that it is easy to become a member of NACHI ( I do disagree but you are welcome to your thoughts )
I have looked at the OAHI/CAHPI web site and can not seem to find what the requirements are to join .
Would you please be so kind as to post the requirements and cost to join OAHI.
Could you also post what an average cost would be for a new OAHI/CAHPI member to get their RHI.

Thanks Roy Cooke A happy NACHI Member