Nachi microwave tester

First time I have used my free Nachi microwave tester.

Works great. Thanks

Impresses realtors and clients.

Any other free gizmo’s out there.

127908 023 (Small).jpg


Same here, as I used it on my last 2 inspections.

Smells like popcorn.

Use those little bean bags as hand warmers to keep in you pocket after climbing a cold ladder in the winter time.


True, as you guys need both hands for all the boarding up and mass traffic jam driving, out of town.

I just sent an email requesting one. Looks like they could come in handy.

In my wet area, I juat throw my rather “wet” shirt in the micro. If it comes out dry and fluffy, call it good.

2 birds, 1 stone!

who do we email for one?

Members can order a free InterNACHI Tribble (microwave oven tester) by writing Lisa at … don’t forget to give her your shipping address.