NACHI N.W. Washington Chapter meeting in Bellingham, WA on October 9, 2006.

So did Cyndy renew her membership then? I’d like to get together with her for the Foundation project.

Bellingham…so close, yet so far away. :O(

For sure!

Cheryl, do you want to be a part of this Foundation project? I’m going to be covering the NACHI inspectors in several newspapers.

what do you have for me to do Wendy?

Congrats, Cyndy!
Let me know if I can help . . .

Wheres Bellingham???

Just kidding

I’m going to be delivering for the Foundation and wanted to know if you want to get in on it? Peter can come too if he wants. :wink: I’m going to make sure it gets in the paper so it will be exposure for the Foundation and whomever helps with it. I’m going to try for your area paper, Olympia’s, and Port Townsend, as well as Mason.

Let me know what help you need.

Bellingham is a state of mind:cool: You down staters don’t know a good thing when you see it. I’ll thank Russ for the congratulations, but this chapter has been meeting for over a year. Meetings are simple, one speaker about a related topic.

David, maybe you could let Cyndy know that her membership is still showing as expired on her website. That probably doesn’t look good to potential clients who are checking her credentials on there.

I have been to 2 chapter meetings, and have found them really informative. The speakers I have seen are contractors, so they were both happy to be tapped up for information.
Cyndy really puts an effort in to get good topics to cover, and the feed back informal chats I have had with other Inspectors is very usefull.
Infact many Canadians show up, so not withstanding all the hassles at the border its well worth the trip.
PS I would move to Bellingham in a shot.

Cmon David,

Don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. The reason that Bellingham is a state of mind is because of the “purple haze” that floats over the city from the Western Washington campus. I mean if you have a bong and and sheep, what else do you need? LOL :smiley:


Owie! :wink:

OK,… that explains ALOT in regards to Western grads I meet. :mrgreen:

The only Western grad I know well is my daughter, and she’s adamantly opposed to drugs. Used to give me all kinds of grief when she was young (and when I was much youger; she’s now 40)