NACHI name helps to boost my business

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I would like to share with everyone that I am very proud to be a member of NACHI. I am a Certified Home Inspector, i.e. I graduated from Humber College Home Inspection Certificate Program. However I am not a member of OAHI. But it is very important for a professional to belong to some professional association, and that is where NACHI’s membership is so valuable. I recently attended NACHI-ECO Chapter meeting, where I had an Honor to meet Nick Gromicko. What a great guy! Very knowledgeable, very helpful, with a great personality. Our conversation on a Home Inspector’s brochure and valuable tips on getting more phone calls really helped me to increase my business. NACHI’s name opened doors to agents that did not work with me before. I am very grateful to NACHI and personally to Nick Gromicko for all the help that we - Canadian Home Inspectors - are getting here. Long live NACHI!

Yuri Olhovsky,

Certified Home Inspector