NACHI Names New Executive Director

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The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) has named, Mr. John Bowman, of Elmira, NY as Executive Director. Mr. Bowman has over 35 years combined experience in the building and home inspection industries, the not-for-profit sector and higher education. John, former Vice President of NACHI officially began as NACHI?s Executive Director on 9 May 2005.

Mr. Bowman?s distinguished career and past include serving in the U.S. Military fulfilling positions as a Legal Officer, U.S. military attach?, Top Secret ? Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information Control Officer, and University Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructor. Mr. Bowman is a Life member of the ?Veterans of Foreign Wars?.

Mr. Bowman has been involved in the building industry as both a General Contractor and Home Inspector operating family businesses since the mid 70?s. For years he has been involved in the building, renovation, and restoration of both commercial and residential structures beginning his career as a fire restoration specialist contracting with several major insurance agencies.

Mr. Bowman now enjoys life with his wife, two children, and grandchildren in a semi-retired status. He?s been actively involved in local politics, assists his local cemetery commission, and currently serves as Vice-President of the NACHI Foundation, a 501 (c), (3) not-for-profit organization based out of Laurel Maryland.

NACHI?s new executive director reflects the professional diversity that must prevail in the home inspection industry of today. Former Executive Director, Nick Gromicko says, ?Bowman?s diverse knowledge in the building and inspection industry and regulatory practices compliments NACHI?s long-term objectives.? Former Executive Director, Pro Tem, Gary Johnson comments, ?The new director?s strong formal training, organizational skills, and educational background will be an asset in strengthening our educational direction. ?On behalf of NACHI?s officers, executive members, staff, and membership, I?d like to welcome Mr. Bowman to his new position within NACHI.

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Here, here.

Welcome John and congratulations.


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Good man for the job!


It's only Rock 'n Roll.... but I like it!

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John…go for it bro!!!

Harvey Gordon

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Great article, great qualifications. Thank you, John, for accepting what, at times, I am sure is a thankless position-

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