NACHI Names New VP, and Thanks Paul Sabados

New NACHI Vice President named today.

It is with deep admiration and regret that the NACHI Directors accept the resignation of Mr. Paul Sabados as NACHI Vice President. Along with his position as NACHI VP, Paul also managed to operate his full time Inspection Business and provide 24 hour care for his wonderful wife, Barbara. Paul also serves the Foundation for Safer Housing as President and is fully involved with the Kansas Home Inspection Legislative concerns. We wish him well and continued success in all of his endeavors, and thank him for his courage, strength, conviction, and guidance.

The NACHI Directors are also pleased to announce that Dr. Keith Swift has accepted the position effective immediately. Dr. Swift is well known within the Inspection Industry for his litigation writings.

Please join us in Thanking Paul for his time and efforts, and help us welcome Keith.

John Bowman, Executive Director
Blaine Wiley, President
Nick Gromicko, Founder, Secretary
Joe Farsetta, Director-at-Large

Thank you Paul. =D> =D> =D>

Welcome Keith. :smiley:

I humbly accept this position knowing how much Paul has given to NACHI, And although I do not expect to equal his contribution, I will do my best to honor the position.

A sincere thanks for your service and help to NACHI Paul.

Congrats and welcome Keith!

Paul Sabados, a great guy regardless of title.

Keith Swift

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NACHI Member

Congrats on your appointment Keith.

So sorry to see Paul go has been a great asset.Thanks for all you have done

Welcome Kieth Glad they have a great person to fill a big hole I am sure you are a good pick . Thanks for stepping in Roy

Uh…(pssst)…Roy. Hey, Roy. What the heck are you “stepping in”?:smiley:

Thanksfor the show of confidence, my plate is pretty full.
Many do not know just how busy I am in Canada with NACHI and have been one of Pauls many assistants for 3 years on the awards committee.

Sorry, Roy. You missed my joke – it was rather lame. You see, you forgot to put a punctuation mark between “in” and “Roy”…this made the sentence read as if Keith were “stepping in Roy”…and I was …it kinda made…oh, well. Never mind.

Stop now JAMES you are just getting in deeper . I like it how ever you said or ment it Roy Cooke

Okay, Roy. Whichever way you liked best…that’s how I meant it.:smiley:


Thank you for all your sleepless nights of devotion to NACHI and for your devotion to our members.

Take care and may the Lord bless you!

I can’t possibly create a post long enough to list everything Paul has done for NACHI. We just don’t own enough server space.

Keith will do an outstanding job for us, without a doubt.

Thank you very much for your service Paul, I will miss working with you on a daily basis. Oh, wait, I will still be working with you on a daily basis at The Foundation for Safer Housing!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you all, its been an experience.

Keith will do an outstanding job for us. One of the more important things associated with this type of position is being mobile and to move from point to point at a given moment. Home life prevents me from being the mobile type. The growth and day to day demands to the Foundation, the state licensing attempts in both KS & MO, plus business equals just not enough time. Keith is known through out the industry and should make a sizeable impact for us.

Go em Keith


Thanks, Paul. I’ve seen the love and care that you give to your wife, and the devotion that you’ve shown to the membership. I’ll do my best, but I’ll be like a little dog following a brass band. Be well, and happy. Sincerely, Keith.