NACHI National Chapter Add Another Course

The NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter has added yet another FREE Continuing Education Course. Recently this was a hot topic here on the bulletin board.

Boman Kemp Divisions Training presentation on Basement Egress Windows, Lighting, and Ventilation. This covers codes from the IRC in sections 303, 310, 401, and 403.

The presentation gives excellent examples and explanations of the codes mixed in of course with the sale of their product.

Enjoy this section of the NACHI National Chapter, before it becomes password protected.

Here is another teaser and just one more reason why you should consider joining the NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter. A sneak preview of a Search system that is in the making. This search will be available to all for about a month and then will also go into the NNC password protected area.

Here are some terms that you can try out to see the results.

Water Supply
(things of this nature should work for you. But remember it is in its infancy.)

Here is the Link. Try it out and let me know what you think…

Try the word Macerating. It very well may be a new word for some. Better yet punch in Toilet…:smiley:

Thanks Brian. I knew I’d forget something. has the CE course and the Dictionary Search is on

Thanks again Brian.