NACHI National Chapter - Inspecto-Gram

The NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter is working on ways to present Quick Tips, Announcements and training. To that extent we have created an Inspecto-Gram. Now mind you that this is a work in progress.

I’m kindly asking the General membership to review this sample and give me some ideas.

Thanks in advance, and come visit us at

Hi to all,

Looks good John, my only issue is that some of the small, bold text is a bit hard to read (or maybe I am overdue some spectacles) :mrgreen:



I agree. (With the small bold text that is). Though you are at that age…:twisted:

Hi John,

The small type that is copied and pasted is harder to read then the type that manually typed in. The format is great, the idea is even better.


Some good info, John. I like the format and could also use the larger font in those areas mentioned. Good work! :smiley:

See John it isn’t just me :wink:



Well, the last 6 months or so it seems most everyone is using smaller type and I don’t like the direction it’s going…it must have to do with how much more can be gotten on a page. :cool:

Looks like great info; can future 'grams be smaller and faster loading? Some of us have pokey connections.

Thanks, John!

Nice work John!

See this web address for articles that can be used most of which are related to home planning.

This material is provided free for editorial re-use.

Download digital images and copy at:

Can anyone join this new chapter?

…okay, I admit, it’s my eyes…mumble, mumble.

I solved the problem for me by buying a 19" LCD for my desktop. They are getting more reasonably priced ll the time.