Nachi needs a Cultured Stone course

After talking to the local rep for several comanies that make manufactured or fake stone, we agreed that its being put on poorly by so many.
There is no courses or certifications for this material offered by the companies, and if not put on properly can cause major issues.
I think it would be a good idea if we had a course on this stuff. I think if your inspecting it, and don’t know how it goes on you could leave yourself exposed.

What do you say Nick???

Sounds good to me

What are some of the ways it’s put on improperly? Maybe your contributions will be in the article. In the meantime, maybe you can educate some people on what to look for.

In-contact with the dirt, in contact with pavement , Loose, and here is my favorite you actually see the Barrier behind the stone in many places.

Go to manufacturers websites and read the installation guide. In my experience it’s usually improperly installed.

Here is a good link that my friend Marcel sent me.

I looked at a comercial building today, and they installed it right over the tyvek. No Lathe at all. Of course it was falling off. Its an epidemic of poor instalation here and anyone who inspects it here will agree. I think it would be foolish not to offer it, instead of depending on one manufacturers web site.
I even had the area rep say he would be glad to help with the course to provide accurate info.

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“Cultured Stone” is a trademark of Owens Corning. It’s their product’s name. The generic term is “precast stone”.

We had a rep from ownens corning tell our local group that he did not see a problem with installing it all the way down to grade. Everyone just sat there and stared at him and said nothing. He went on to say that the sun will evaporate the moisture back out really well. I guess he has never been on the north side of a house before. The only safe way to use this manufactured stone is to hire someone to watch them every minute as they install it.