NACHI needs a few good men / women

The Education Committee is accepting names of those persons wishing to assist in this project;

The Education Committee is in the process of establishing a volunteer network of NACHI State Educational Representatives, or Educational Administrators, whose function will be to act for NACHI in accordance with NACHI’s Educational Policies and / or with that States Continuing Educational Policies, Rules, and Regulations.

Presently, two persons have accepted this responsibility for their States;
Ken Jones…Indiana
Russ Myers…Illinois

Qualified persons, please contact Russ Myers, at for additional information.

Note: Request applicable to all States, Licensing States and Non Licensing States.

I’d like Colorado.

So long as it is clear that the destiny, eductational or otherwise, within any state or province where NACHI members exist, are driven by the needs, concensus, and wants of the individual members within those particular areas, and shall not be driven by any single committee within NACHI.

In fact, the notion of a single point of contact educationally within a state may not be a bad idea, providing that individual or individuals take direction from the NACHI members within their state. The Education Committee has a charter to provide educational materials for NACHI members. They can also serve to notify the members of specific educational requirements within that state, but do not serve as NACHI lobbiests. Should members within a state wish to coordinate their own NACHI-sanctioned educational activities, they are free to do so.

Sure would like to see that charter. I keep hearing about it but no one has one to read.

:ouch: :ouch: :ouch:


The charter of the education committee is to provide educational materials for NACHI members. When folks believe it morphed into controlling education for the membership at the state level is anyone’s guess, but remains untrue.

There, now you’ve read it.

Joe F.,

Are you really that cold, callous, and assinine? Quit being a jerk and answer the question in a professional manner. Are there any **real **written rules and regulations for the education committee. Hell, how about the ESOP committee.

Your almighty attitude is not cohesive to a sound organization. I beg you on behalf of the membership to step aside as Director of Professional Development. You have failed in your position. The education committee under your leadership was a complete failure and your continual interferance is proving to be detrimental to the growth of the education committee on behalf of the membership.

Face it Joe, you are a has been in this association. Your way or the highway mentality went out a long time ago. Even all of those that were under your dictatorship in the ESOP committee have quit. Get the hell out of the way and let the membership grow and expand in a meaningful manner. One of cohesiveness and full representation by both the mab and education committee. It is time for this self-centered dictatorship to stop.

Hi to all,

without getting into old personality conflicts, I have to agree with much of what John has said, it does appear that the intelectual debate amonst members that has made this organization what it is, is being erroded by Joe"s attempt to limit discussion.

I personally don’t think that any one person is able to dictate the thoughts and aspirations of any committee, whilst the previous committee may have had its short commings at least debate was free and open, and in the best interests of this organization.

Joe, you have oversite of this committee, nothing more IMHO.

If I am out of step with our member I’m sure they will tell me so, I would sooner resign from the education committee than have it dictated to .



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Sorry Greg I deleted my post on you.

oh Boy!

I See A Storm Coming !!!


It wasn’t worth it.

I can’t believe the negative personal attacking. Items like this should be in the members only section so that everyone are not able to view such comments. This is not a private forum. I see that multiple posts have now vanished.

Len, you are right… but maybe the calm has arrived with the deleted posts.

I fail to see the need for such a fuss. Mr. Myers was just asking for volunteers, one in each state, to help coordinate NACHI national’s educational efforts. What the heck is the problem with everyone?

Mr. Myers is NACHI national’s education committe chairman.

He has done considerable work with regards to this job.

Many of those who oh, so speedily, ‘volunteered’ have not done a single thing that I am aware of. (To be fair, some have.)

Many are interested in being highly paid ‘education vendors’ and getting a whole heck of a lot of money for teaching CE to NACHI members. Whose interests are they attending to? The NACHI membership, or their own pockets.

There, I said it. Plain and clear and for all to see. Any shots, call or e-mail me. My phone number and e-amil are plain to everyone and I answer my own phone.

There are many agendas, but which one best serves the NACHI membership?

Is there a written policy? Joe F. seems to think there is, but a brief post on this board is not a policy. If this policy has worked so well, where are its results, its fruits?

A clear and written and public policy is needed and in the process of being created. To my knowledge (and, according to Mr. Bowman’s previous post, his) no such policy exists.

Of course, each state has its own needs and proceedures. Some states have no licensing and no requirements. Those states, and the members therein, have their own needs. Some states have licensing and have different requirements. I live in a license state and am using my talents to serve that need, but my work is also applicable to non-license states. I don’t see the problem.

The electrical course that Ken Demski, Russ Myers and I fashioned for Illinois is available to all of NACHI. It is applicable to all states. When presented to other, national, NACHI members who I respect, they thought it was very good. What is the problem? I am finishing a course on Structure as well, along with my brother (a 20+ year engineer) and a professor of engineering at Northwestern University. Just the final touches and polishing to be done. It will also be available to NACHI, all states and all members.

What is the problem?

We need, on the ground poeple, who will take the time and effort for help ALL NACHI members, each in their own state, to make these courses work in those stated, for those members.

I have not taken (in fact, I have refused) any money or remuneration for my efforts. Many have asked for the courses. Some, it has been given to, others , not.

The reason is that the course, and the other 36 hours of course material I have committed to do, is for the benifit of NACHI and all NACHI members.

Not for the pockets of education vendors.

There are those out there who are much better and experienced and home inspection than I am. There are some who are better at design of PowerPoint presentations and in writing ED booklets and in making up tests.

Where are they?

Are they using their talents to serve their fellow NACHI members?

Mr. Myers is putting out a call to NACHI members, who have talent in administrative matters, to step up and serve.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Kind of tells you a lot about those who object.

“Let your yes’s be yes’s and you no’s ne no’s” - Old Jewish guy.

“Me thinkest that thou protestest too much” Billy Shakespere.

As always, hope this helps.

Joe Farsetta:

As a Member of the Education Committee, I do not recall ever seeing such a Charter as you have referenced.

Since NACHI is Open to All, Please post such Charter (as you have referenced) for All to See.

You go Will. Let the local chapters take care of their own education and business. This is Nick’s company. If he doesn’t like what were doing then only he should tell us.

Erol Kartal


There is a charter for the education committee. There has been one for some time.

As to the volunteers in each state, I said it was a good thing. What is cannot morph into is a “gatekeeper” role, where ONLY one person is permitted to speak for NACHI with regards to educational requirements or approvals for any one state. I have said this in the education committee forum before. I have also stated that is has been NACHI’s long-standing policy to approve most all educational courses related to our industry. Vendors who want a NACHI approved vendor seal also submit their vendor information and course materials to a three person panel in NACHI for logging and approval.

The reason for my reply and the need to clear the air comes on the heels of information I received, as well as no fewer than two approved educational vendors receiving anonymous e-mails as to the disposition of their status and courses, as determined by the Education Committee. I do not believe they were sent by you, but question the timing and the fact that the leadership of the EC may not be aware of things happening in the background.

You are also quite correct, in that guys like Russ and yourself have done a great job. You are also correct in the fact that many folks “volunteer” and produce zip. There is nothing new here, especially as it pertains to education in NACHI.

You provide free course materials to NACHI members. You get no grief from me for your efforts, only gratitude. I also am the first to state that education is an art and not a science. As such, I will never stand in the way of someone writing a course. I am also not stuck in the pomp and circumstance of pretending that I am, educationally, the greatest thing since sliced bread. Some folks write great courses but are terrible instructors. Others write mediocre courses, but really have an impact on the audience in their presentation. My attitude is to let it fly.

But, there has been turmoil over the past 2 1/2 years in the very area you and Russ are trying to kick start. There have been, in my opinion, too many side agendas in the past, which hurt the educational effort. I am not going to go down that road again. I have asked the Education Committee to stay the course, and produce some quality materials in the offing.

As I stated, there is a charter for the education committee. If you’d like to see the full-blown charter, with all the legal restrictions as to what the committee may and may not do, I will provide a link. In the mean time, this isnt rocket science. The charter is simple. It is to produce educational materials for use by NACHI members.

You and a couple of others have started to do what no one has been able to do prior. My hats off to you. As I stated, I have given the EC a pretty wide berth to do those things legitimately pertaining to education within the ranks of NACHI.


Couldn’t have said it better myself! Actually, I couldn’t have said it that well.

KUDOS to you my friend.


I would love to be provided the link.

Thank you.

Joe, you are untitled to your opinions just like any other member, however who suggested that NACHI’d education committee was trying to “control” anything, I believe Russell was trying to recruit members in each state to help members at large and the committee to properly respond to the challenges that face us all.

I am hear to tell you that NACHI education only ever had ONE charter, it was from Nick 3 years ago, it had no limitations what so ever.