NACHI needs to get on or get a Banner on

I personally do not like most realtors… they are in for sales and commissions, we are in business to protect home buyers lives and investments…

But I do feel that we should advertise in the most popular portals… and get our Association more well known…

You either get it or you don’t.

  1. I am in favor of marketing to REALTORs. REALTORs are in the marketing business and they are in the position to refer us work.

  2. I am in favor of REALTORs recommending the best inspectors to their clients. That is their job and they have a fiduciary duty to recommend the best inspectors (not the ones that pay them for advertising).

  3. I am in favor of marketing to homebuyers of course. They are our potential clients.

  4. I’m against marketing to homebuyers via real estate websites because of reasons explained previously. REALTORs don’t visit… buyers do. So if you are running an ad on you are not marketing to REALTORs, you are marketing to buyers. This has two potential negative connotations associated with it: a. The homebuyer thinks you are paying REALTORs for the ad and so worries (albeit unconsciously) about the relationship you have with them or b. The homebuyer thinks the REALTOR is steering the homebuyer toward those inspectors and so again worries (albeit unconsciously) about the reasons why. Yes the ad probably would work, but in some cases it would backfire and unsell. I’m unable to predict what percentage that would be, but I like sure bets. is not a sure bet.

Taxi Cab and Bus Advertisements are a sure bet with no strings or stigmas attached. would develop a stigma that all associations should avoid. JMO…


I know I’ve made the analysis more complicated than it needs to be, so let me try to simplifiy it with a little advertising rule:

Advertising to REALTORs is fine, advertising to homebuyers is fine, advertising to homebuyers in a manner that appears to enrich REALTORs or makes it appear that the REALTOR is steering clients to you… is not fine.

Let’s all stay 2 or 3 steps away from preferred vendor lists (a form of marketing to homebuyers through REALTORs) and instead market directly to either.

For you electricians, one could put it this way… market in parallel circuits, not in series. :smiley:

And for you Johnny Cochran types: When it comes to REALTORs… *market to 'em not thru 'em. *:smiley:

I appreciate the feedback… and your point is understood.

ok what about a banner on the Buy Owner web site.