NACHI Needs to take a Position

This, from Joe Farsetta, deserves its own thread:

It needs to be emphasized that, in Missouri, there are no statewide requirements for the licensing of electricians, plumbers, or HVAC techs. There are no statewide requirements for the licensing of builders and there are no statewide codes or enforcement that requires the unlicensed builder and unlicensed electrician to adhere to any specific standards.


Because, each time legislation is introduced that would require contractors and builders to be licensed and adhere to a code…the Missouri Association of Realtors and the Missouri Home Builders Association team together to defeat it.

But…these same two associations want home inspectors licensed with unlimited liability. They are using their membership dues to buy legislation that would do that…while keeping themselves totally unaccountable.

As Joe points out…NACHI has stood for what is right for the inspector and the consumer in the past. Now…where do we stand?

I agree! NACHI’s position is too much political tap dancing. NACHI is showing signs of weakness when it comes to making a stand on most things. Are we not the largest and best home inspection organization or we just running for an elected office? I say, no more baby kissing. Lets make a stand!

What if the opinion, is not the same from members as are yours?.

Notice comments have been a little light here.

I respect all options , but you may be fighting windmills.

Those in licensed states have nothing at stake in this issue. Whether your law is in your interest or not, you are compelled to live with it and to interpret it as you see fit.

There are only 18 or 19 licensed states. We can keep it at that so that the majority of America’s home inspectors can provide their services in the best interest of the consumer and themselves without having carpetbaggers entering their state to interfere with that for their own gain.

As I said , I respect your right to that opinion, but what percentage of the members agree?

Now I know Nick might not be in favor, but get the sneaking suspicion he is not going to go all out on an eventual no win situation.

Licensing may be stopped at some States , but more and more are going with it.

Government will always opt for more control and power, and it matters not if it is always good for the consumer (client).

I imagine that if a real poll were conducted we would soon discover that most home inspectors are in favor of turning their profession over to the control of minimum-wage government clerks and paying for the privilege of inspecting homes, I don’t know why this is, but I know it to be true.

Leadership in an industry…or in an association…requires the act of defining what is right and acting in accord with it.

Following the wrong thinking of a majority (if one could ever be determined from the 6000 plus membership…not just a few hundred on a message board) is not leadership.

Nick is on the record: licensing harms the consumer and the inspector. It is absurd for the world’s largest home inspector association to do anything to support what is known to harm consumers and inspectors…and, as Joe Farsetta has pointed out, it is time to actually be proactive in this matter and stop it from spreading.

It is not so much what it would do to the Home Inspector as it is a way to change public perception in regard to the profession.

When you advertise, you proudly proclaim Certified member in the same way you would your State License.

It makes you feel Legitimate.

Unfortunately running from the Licensing is perceived by many to be as foolhardy ,and denying the inevitable as running from the invisible monster in Forbidden Planet by shuting doors behind you as you run towards a dead end.

That is similar to the remarks that Kruschev made to Nixon in the late '50s regarding communism.

The proponents of this legislation have developed a strategy of trying to convince opponents that the law is “inevitable” in order to encourage them to stop fighting it and help them write it. It worked in Illinois. It fell flat in Missouri.

Yes I recall how he said it would be done without a shot being fired.

I would say he was right.

(you can load the ammo ,but shooting may be too late)

My dear Joey,

God cannot be good if he is not just.

God is compassionate and merciful but he is also just and the ultimate avenger of evil.

Right or not, count me in with those who are willing to fight to the bitter end opposing home inspector licensing.

This is what majority of the ASHI members I talk to in central Missouri claim. They are just going with the flow, not wanting to upset the A$HI leadership or the Realtors they serve. Saying to me, not to tell anybody that they really do not see a need for a home inspection law here in Missouri. If they would just grow some balls, the bill for home inspection licensure would go away, unless some consumers would actually start to complain about their home inspector.

Hi to all,

I am strongly pro-licensing, but only where the state can show a clear need, only when the legislation protects both clients and inspectors, and only if over a pre-licensing registration period that the bill can have been proven to have been benefitial to all parties.

But I’m real solid otherwise :wink:


One of the few things we agree on.:smiley:

And what a big, important thing it is!!!:smiley: :smiley:

I am getting scared.:frowning:

Me too :eek:

See my response on the “no more inspections in Kansas” thread.