NACHI Online Agreement System

Is anyone having issues with the online agreement system? My client is not receiving it, yes I have sent it to 2 different e-mails to answer your question:D. It does not even show up as a new agreement on my conformation list?


I don’t use the Nachi system. It is probably a good idea to have a back up system, that you control, in the event of problems.

Can you print one, scan and email it to them? one thought.

Good idea. If they dont get it by today that is what I will do.


At one time Chris said Tim was going to rebuild the agreement system from scratch, I believe it was a couple years ago. Have not heard anything since. NACHI needs to hire more IT guys and give the existing ones raises.

Email them your website link. Tell them to read it and print if able and bring a signed copy. I always carry extras in my car and I have them sign before the inspection starts and I use them as payment receipts as well.

Much the same here, except I don’t ask them to print it. I just email it, ask them to read it over and reply by email saying they are happy with it. I have them sign one at the inspection for me to keep and they just receive a copy in their report. I keep all email correspondance in one long email, just in case…

Hey guys,

I’m looking into it. E-mail delivery is really hard to debug, so it might take a few more days. I’ll post an update here when I know more.


I think I might have sorted it out. Give the system a try and let me know if you continue to have trouble.


My client has gotten and signed the agreement.