NACHI opening additional satellite office in Los Angeles, California.

Wow, sounds great Nick. Sounds just like what you and I talked about earlier in the year for me to do throughout the Pacific Northwest with the Hummer and advertising all over it? Is that basically the same idea, or something different?

Good deal!

I hope it’s more than Krystal driving around California in a NACHI painted Hummer. California is home to approximately 11% of the countries total population and growing. If California were a country, it would have the 8th largest economy in the world. In just orange county alone, there were over 45,000 residential sales transactions in the past 12 months. There were over 42,000 homes sold in California in 2005 with a sales price of over 1 million dollars. If NACHI intends to be the dominant inspection association in the United States it must have a strong presence in California.

Advertising dollars could be better spent in many different ways.

Is this the only place this is being advertised?

whats the new address? How many employees?

Its quite obvious that it will take more than one person for such an area, unless it is only a cyber association move.

Why not further staff the Colorado Office to advance on all fronts?

Well I agree 100% It sure would take more than just a Hummer, and more than one person.

Of course she did say MOBILE chapter.

Sounds like a vehicle or an RV.

MOBILE-- No physical address, no stability, no accountibility? Lets hope not, but it would be nice to see advertising in other ways…

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the big guy to answer.

Even though alot of people didn’t agree with the Hummer thing, after the big email I told my kids about it and they were totally pumped about getting a Hummer. Even went and told their friends. That’s been pretty hard to live down and disappointing.

But, live and learn. shrug

The big email?

The big “you get the first Hummer” email.

But like I said. No hard feelings. I’m hoping there won’t be any wrinkles in the book deal at least. :slight_smile:

Live and learn, have you got a contract yet?

Nope. Not yet. But like I said, if there isn’t a contract, then there won’t be a book and it will just be marketing all to hell and back. I already have several back up leads. Nick is too savvy to let it go. :wink: Besides…I’ve got Paul writing on the electrical. Who can resist that??? :smiley:

Tehee…lolol… some homeowners probably could.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Oooooooooooh…I’m telling… :wink:

We electricians have thick skin, you have to when you work around plumbers and drywallers.

I don’t think it’s a mobile office. Sounds like Krystal will be creating a mobile chapter working from a brick and mortar office somewhere in the Los Angeles area.

"NACHI, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors is pleased to announce that it is opening additional satellite offices in Los Angeles. The move is designed to give NACHI an in-state base from which to support educational, legislative, marketing and chapter related activities in California.

NACHI’s events publicist Krystal Wright is relocating to Los Angeles to head up the new offices. “I plan to immediately create a mobile chapter to rotate major inspection events throughout Southern California. Many of these events will be targeted toward homebuyers and real estate agents and designed to promote the use of seller inspections,” said Ms. Wright."

Sorry, no mention of a “Hummer”

You might be on the right path with this one. But I wonder where Nick might have come up with the idea of a mobile Nachi office, i.e.: Hummer, RV concept. Ben lets hope you are wrong about not having a physical address. I think you may be right to a point on that one. But hey, any one can get a mail box. But lets be real folk, in all aspects, we are all mobile Nachi offices if you think about it. I have designed static window sheets with my company information and web site Addy, that I have placed on the inside windows of my car. Heck, I even have a static display with my company information in my front window of my house that faces the street for people to see. A home inspection business is not an 8-5 business, it is a 24 -7. Every chance that I get, I am out seeing the real estate offices, real estate lawyer, and the mortgage lenders. Be seen and heard. I am getting to be a regular submitter with my local newspaper office and Topix. I have had 3 articles published and I am working on number 4. So stop in and ask them if you could submit an article concerning the home inspection industry. My first article covered Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. The headlines were “The Silent Killer”. I got my photo, company name and Nachi’s name sent out for all to see on the top front page and half of the top inside. It is not uncommon for some one to yell out, there is the silent killer. So when you look at it in a round about way, we are all mobile Nachi offices through out the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rica. Now if Nick would possible want to setup a satellite Nachi office here in the great Mid-West? I would be more than happy to step up to the plate. I am pro Nachi and Ohnachi and very proud of it. Until I joined Nachi I was lucky to see more that 1 or 2 inspections a month. So get a web site, set up a blog, use Nachi’s free web page offer. Use the same marketing tips setting these up to maximize your search engine results. By doing so, you will be easily found most of the time on the first page of the search engine results.
Just in case you forgot–