Hey Chris,

How difficult is it to have a “mobile” site for pda’s,smartphones,etc… Just like

I think that would be a great feature for NACHI. Maybe not the entire site, maybe just the message board!

I wouldn’t mind seeing that feature…I know v.bulletin has that mod, it’s just a matter of installing it if desired by enough people.

Send this link to your mobile and try it.


Actually, NACHI.ORG is already mobile-friendly:

nachi-mobile1.jpg nachi-mobile2.jpg nachi-mobile3.jpg

The message board has a “Simplified Version” that is supported by many mobile browsers:

Hope that helps,



I looked at your forum link above and the postings
appear to be from 2005?

It’s sorted from oldest to newest… I’ll look into it.

Chris it does not work on the treos if you need some pics of what it looks like let me know it would be nice to have that working on my phone.

FYI, works great on my Nokia E62. Just what I’ve been looking for.

Kudos Chris! :slight_smile: