NACHI partners with Staples. Sign up now for free shipping and corporate discounts.

Is this available for Canadian inspectors ?

I hope everyone will take advantage of this deal. I know it took a lot of time to get all the details taken care of. Thank You Lisa & Nick.

My understanding is that this program will start out for on line orders but once their is enough of us hooked up with this Staples will provide us with special rewards cards to get the discounts in the stores also.

We can now get the discounts the large corporations receive. 10,000 small businesses working together to have the buying power of a large corporation.

I wonder who came up with the idea to have NACHI partner up with Staples? :cool:;-):-;;=;

Fred, they are working on the Canadian site now. Staples will have a rep at to give Canadian inspectors the deal too.

thank you

This is really an awesome deal. For those of us who live far out in the boonies, we don’t have to go hunting down a store like this which may be two hours or more away. Free shipping overnight for a $30 order…absolutely amazing! Just schedule your purchases to come out over the $30 and you’re good to go each time. Think of the gas saved!

Thanks Nick, Lisa, and Jason? :wink:

The big thanks go to Lisa for all the work she did working out the deal!

All I did was make first contact with Staples to inquire if they could work something out for NACHI Members. I then directed Staples Director to contact Lisa.

Thanks to all…I use Staples every week. I usually empty the shelves on the brochure and business card holders and have to either wait or go somewhere else.

Now I’ll order a bunch of them online and have them shipped to the front door. Cool!! :smiley: