NACHI & PRO-LAB steal the show at ITA Expo.


Congrats…but I thought Wendy would.:wink:

5 NACHI booths and two Pro Lab, no other organization could match the two. Outstanding event!



NACHI & PRO-LAB have taken 20 booths (an entire isle and intersection) for next year’s show.

It was amazing.

Inspectors were often 3 deep at the 50 foot wide NACHI display- they were hungry for membership & benefits info. We handed out well over 700 NACHI info packets - we ran out of our 300, the first day, printed 200 more, then cobbled together another couple hundred.

My respects to all those attendees- they are really serious about finding quality education and a member-focused association. When they found out that NACHI has hundreds of educationa events lined up across the country thru next spring, that we take the CEU’s to their local chapters, and that Pro-Lab’s Doug Caprio travels as much as he does to bring out the mold classes, they were all over NACHI.

I had a blast there, and enjoyed working the booths and meeting fellow inspectors.

I’m predicting we will have hundreds of members signing up, as a result of this single function - easily topping 9,500 by Christmas, I’ll bet!

It was good that we had plenty of help, Russell, John Bowman, Tom Rausch and his wife, Schuyler, George Wells, Katie Lawson, Dee, Lisa, …

Here are the flyers we were handing out that drummed up so much interest:

Maybe the info packs should be “sold.” Do all these people hope to become inspectors or are they interested in why they should seek a NACHI member inspector?

If the IT guy is dropping in, can NACHI be added as a valid word in the spell checker?

Dennis, these guys ARE home inspectors already!!!
Some had no affiliations, some were CREA, ASHI, etc -
a few were just starting up.

No, these were not homeowners. These folks were well-experienced in the trades!

It was both an honor and a priviledge to be present at the NACHI Booth at this year’s ITA Event. Valerie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in helping out with the NACHI Booth. It was great to be able to put faces on the names with which I am familiar.

I would have posted sooner, but had 6 inspections waiting for me when I got off the airplane - it’s really busy in Colorado!

NACHI Certified Training attracted a number of quality, professional and industry legends who want to help in some way with the training of our NACHI members. It was an exciting time! More to come on the great synergy and relationships spawned at the ITA conference that will benefit NACHI members across the nation!

Special thanks goes to Nick Gromicko, Deanna Willis, Lisa Endza, Russell Spriggs, John Bowman, Peter Doan, George Wells and the great guys at ProLab - Jamie McDonald, Doug Caprio and Hal. I know that I’m still missing a few - it was great to be with everyone!

Being a past graduate of ITA in 1999, it was a great to see a lot of good friends as well.

Thanks Russel. I don’t know what to think about all those leaping into the HI industry (it was OK for me 10 months ago when I got my start but NOW I wonder what is coming?) Will the HI profession become as the Realtor profession - one Realtor for every home on the market?

As these were all working HI’s in attendance it must have been quit an event.

Not if those pushing for home inspection legislation have anything to say about it.:wink:

I don’t know about that. If you are saying that HI legislation will limit the number of new HI’s - I don’t think so.
Washington “Licenses” Realtor’s and this has not reduced the number of them. Licensing seems to provide a (false) sense of credibility to the need for more Realtors. The most successful realtors seem to advertise continually for new Realtors when there are already way too many. Let’s see who benefits? 90% of home are sold by 10% of Realtors (I am told) - then the 10% must be the one’s inviting all comers (it must reduce their competition by making it almost impossible for new Realtors to make it. The Brokers take a cut on every sale because every Licensed Realtor MUST work for a broker -who can also sale homes. Applying this to HI’s, only the bigger franchises can be hugely successful when Licensing gets a strong hold.) Is this reasonable thought on my part?