NACHI & RE/MAX Alliance launch new TV show. NACHI's Deanna was today's guest on TV.


NACHI, the National Association of Home Inspectors and RE/MAX Alliance are joining forces to provide resources to buyers and sellers for their real estate buying and selling needs.

To gain additional knowledge, please tune in to the live TV program at 10AM for a new one-hour show to begin running in various markets beginning August 3, 2006. This groundbreaking TV program combines entertainment, information, and an opportunity for NACHI to talk to homebuyers and agents in a new and creative way. The program runs from 10-11AM Monday-Friday.

The first show aired on Denver’s 9News live on Thursday, August 3, 2006 using a live interview with NACHI’s own Deanna Willis. Deanna emphasized the importance for conusumers and real estate to use only NACHI certified home inspectors.

Gotta link of the broadcast yet Nick?
Very nice:D

No. I feel terrible because I was asleep in bed (I worked graveyard shift at NACHI last night) when it aired this morning. Krystal went with Dee to the studio this morning to shoot it (live) and said she did great.

We have a new link agreement with RE/MAX to announce soon too.

KUSA chanel 9
it is NBC and the program is called Colorado and Company 10:00 till 11:00 their time do not know if it is available any where else will keep looking and give information as I find it .
Roy Cooke

Awesome work Nick, way to go. Deanna deserves accolades as well.
Re/Max has been less than enthusiastic down in Colorado Springs, so hopefully they will be more receptive on down the road…

Is this it? I’m having trouble seeing the video

These are my thoughts after watching the video.
The news man mistakenly pronounced NACHI…NATCHI about 5 times.

The best question that was asked is what is the difference between a certied & a non certified member.

In my honest opinion and I am sure I will receive numerous negetive response is that there isnt any.

Dont get me wrong. I love Nachi. The message board is great. I love guys like GB & RR & JPope & The many members that stepped up when I was in need and take the time to answer my posts. This is priceless

Anyone can pass the online test. Pay your dues and your a memeber.

I believe it is time to raise the bar.

So I ask you what is the difference between a certified & a non certified member.

By the way I like Re-Max and I thought it was great exposer for NACHI.


Great exposure and Deena was great.

One small critique. Please take this as constuctive.

Rehearse more. There were a number of questions that are TOTALLY answered by the verbiage on the site. Deena, read them, memorize them and make them easy and definitive.

You, some times, looked like a deer in the headlights. Lighten up and you will do fine.

On a scale of 1 - 10, you were an 8. But, you can easily be an 11 or a 12.

Thanks! Great work.

Thanks for all the support guys. Its not always easy to go on live TV with less than 24 hour notice. We have many more shows to do and it will get better and better every time.

NACHI is planing on doing more activities with Re/Max to show our new team effort in the home industry.

This again proves how great this BB is . Take a person with talent she moniters what we all say and she is now a great TV star able to answer questions on home inspections .
Thanks Dee you have just again proved what we all have discovered in that how much information and knowledge is gained by all those who take the time to use this BB .

Roy Cooke Sr.

all I know is Deanna is a cutie…lol…yeah…I am a FLIRTing…

Is there a link that we can post on our Waypoint Property Inspection website to show the commercial or at least advertise the alliance.


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Oooh, good question!

I can’t get it to play on my computer for some reason.

Good Job Deanna, don’t worry about the deer in the headlights thing. I’ve been there and there are moments of sheer terror. :slight_smile:

Also, it’s true what can be learned from this site. When I used to take lunch to the different construction sites I would sit and watch what all the guys were doing, listen to what they were saying, and I learned ALOT.

Girls are awesome and do alot more and learn alot more than many people give us credit for.

Nice job young lady, can’t wait to see you again on the tube this might be your break to stardom !!!

Hi to all,

Nice work Dee, I nearly didn’t recognize you under all that face spackle :wink:

Wow, I just thought … I know a TV star :mrgreen:



:slight_smile: Deanna, First time and lets hope it will not be you last. Take the tips the Will was taking about. I have taken his advise concerning this a while back. Makes the talking points much easier. Keep up the great work. Oh my :wink: I just realized that I got to talk to a TV star at the Ohnachi Mega convention. :smiley:

Way to go, Dee!!!
Now I’ll have to see if I can get some kind of TV reception up here . . .

You have no TV, you must have a large collection of VCR"s and C/D’s and DVD’s OH! I almost forgot do you have shortwave???


My kids want an autographed picture!

Nice Job.