Nachi Real Estate Newsletter

Is this still available?

if so where ?

No, a vendor who sales newsletters complained with some of subscribers, that it could be used to spam Realtors. Even though I proved that some of his subscribers were using his newsletter to spam Realtors. Nick gave in and stopped the program. I guess he wanted to be better then that vendor.

Well that sucks.

I must have missed the press release of its demise.:shock:

A member came up with it first, he does a good job at it.

Thanks James - appreciate the info…

It happen soon after you and me started contributing on the message board. I was attacked from all sides for defending the newsletter. Soon after, the members started to accept me. Nick got unfairly beaten up over it too.

A lesson for newbies: Either this message board will chew you up and spit you out, or you will get a few bruises. The main thing is if you are right, stand your ground and do not let the bullies scare you away.