NACHI releases another free, online mini-course. This one on Emergency Egress.


Concise, to-the-point info-

"Basements… should have at least one operable emergency egress opening."

While this may, technically be a code requirement in some jurisdictions, it is not required in all.

In fact, I rarely a true “egress” opening as described, even in brand new construction.

Most basements, if not configured for sleeping space, are equipped with hopper windows and stairs leading to the ground floor. Where I see a basement bedroom (mostly in townhouse/condo finished basements), I always flag it. Many times the Seller’s agent gets pissed, but I follow with “fine… so long as the AHJ says its okay and there is a valid CO for this finished space”. That’s usually when their head starts to spin.

That aside, the suggested verbiage is pretty good. The rest of the course was informative.