NACHI releases the Manual for a Happy Home. Order now!


What steps do I need to make to get an autographed copy?

You don’t do anything. As soon as I get my hands on one myself, it’ll be on it’s way. Thanks for all your support.

Thanks Keith. By the way, check this out.

I didn’t even know this existed, but it’s great. Thanks for all your help and kind words.

Hey Keith,
I put my order in, I will expect a beer from you next time we meet! You know how we need to stick together

Sorry John I put my name in before he even knew if it was going to Print Roy

Carl, a flagon of ale for you when next we meet.


Indeed, you were the first person to ask for an autograph copy of Inspect and Protect, which should be printed in a week or so. and John was the first to ask for an autographed copy of the manual. However, I don’t have copies of either one as yet, but I’ll certainly be sending you and John autographed ones. PS Don’t let me forget.

Keith, I want an autographed copy too please.

What can I say, Nick? You are, as few doubt, “the Man.”

Hello Keith,

Me and Gerry would like your signature as well please. Could we have it on the bottom of the bar bill?](“”)

Absolutely, your both distinguished Brits.

So Joe what’s with the … ??

Capitalizing on popular threads. :slight_smile:

Popular :smiley:


So many orders came in! This is exciting. We are adding the book to the new Inspector Care Package Dee is working on.

Just some info. - They are being printed with 3-hole punch, so you can easily include them with reports.