NACHI reveals its secret method for making decisions when consensus can't be reached.

:smiley: I don’t care what Nick says… I whopped his ***…


Allways three [3] sides to a story!!!


P.s. I would like to hear the 3rd side to this story.

Perhaps…but it looks like you were using two hands…:wink:

Wait till everyone sees that secret book laying on the table…Hopefully it will be released before the end of the year.

Not only does it look like Bowman is using two hands but
Nick is also holding his own jaw.

I think I see what’s behind this picture… Bowman uses
two hands in any position he want and if Nick complains…
he gets another smack to the jaw.

But the big question is WHY?

Because Bowman got tired of not winning the daily door prize.

The only thing that stopped the whole fight is when Nick
threatened Bowman and said…

“if you don’t leave me alone, I’m gonna call Wendy”… Bowman
broke into a cold sweat and ran out of the room crying it was

Overall it was a wonderful NACHI meeting.

Was Wendy there? I also understand that Brian Kelley was present. Where were they hiding?..

I did finally get to meet Jeff Pope. It felt like old friends meeting for the umpteenth time. One stand up guy that has my full respect and admiration.

I don’t see no cannons?

The third side is, that I took the picture!
The winner?
I’ll never tell.
We’d have an ExpoGate!!!

It was good to meet you too John. I’m just sorry I missed the match :wink:

P.S. I’d like to reserve one of those “secret” books. How do I do that?

Nick gave me a shirt John, and I got a nice picture with Deanna.:smiley:
Sorry I missed you.:frowning:

I would post that picture but I dont know how :frowning:

Who is going to the HIF show in Vegas October 22-25?

Email it to me Dee, and I’ll do it for you.

I would have to cal it a draw. They both were holding their own. After seeing how many events Deanna is attending in Vegas it looks like we might have to buy one of those new condos that they are building on the strip.

It was nice to finally meet Jeff Pope. I am sorry that I missed Brian Kelly.

Yep. I missed BK too.

Greg, are you and Joe making your way out West for your boot camp? If you come out to a Western “IRC” state, I would love to attend.

Dee, Brian… bottom of

Hi Jeff,

We will make it out there sometime next year. I look forward to seeing you then.