NACHI School of Inspections Launches!

Please address the spelling errrors on your home page, since this is made to appear that it represents the association. Thanks.

So how long has this been in the works?

James - thanks for the spelling error detection. Hope you love the site.

A very long time; however, Nick and I just got the urge recently in light of new developments that have occurred in the educational segment of the HI industry.

Just wondering because I proposed a very similar idea to Nick last week. But I think it can still work out well.


Is this an actual NACHI endeavor, or a private school run by your company?


Addressing Wendy’s comments, and following up on Jim’s…

It’s my understanding that this is an approved NACHI School of Education, as is the Merrill Institute, or any other physical school offering NACHI-approved training courses.

This is a private endeavor, no?

You might want to also check the pricing page…there must be typographical errors there are well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buisness Startup Packages

Good luck Tom with your endeavor. Your company has been a good repesentative of nachi.

Ben - thank you for the kind words - Nick and I have put a lot of thought into this endeavor - education and marketing, as you know, are the real keys to being successful in this business.

Hey, on those nachi stinger flashlights…if you are having those printed can you get a ruler printed on the other side in half inch increments. This seems that it would be very helpful at times… waduthink?

It would probably be cheaper to incorporate it into the same side as the rest of the print, somehow since the second side of printing and color is what makes any print job expensive. One side is usually not too bad.

Ben - thanks for the tip - we are looking into it. Have a great day!

Any news on the financial aid packaging?

Wendy - I’ve got a bunch of people calling me back with regard to this package - should have some good news by next week.

Awesome Tom! Thanks!

The NACHI School of Inspection now has an excellent Financial Assistance Package - one of the best programs on the planet. Nick and I are proud to make available a Zero-Interest Loan - 50% down and then 10 easy monthly payments. This education loan is for those who want to register for a Short-Track, Completeor Part-Time Course. The loan can also be used for either of the Business Startup Packages - the Essentials Package or the Complete Package.

Thank you for your patience. Denver classes begin in July. Additional schools will open in other states as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.