NACHI semi permanent truck/window decals

I just ordered quite a bit of semi permanent NACHI decals (they can be removed if nessesary). They are the NACHI house logo and can be placed on your truck or window exterior. If you are interested in any please email me:


I’m expecting them in about 2 weeks…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

these decals will be free & they will also be posted under special deals…

If that is the same decals I got when I joined NACHI about 6 months ago, they don’t stick worth a darn. If you put them outside the vehicle, they blow off. If you put them inside and your windows are smoked, they are not visible.

These stickers are the semi-permanent, so they are meant to stick on the sides of trucks/cars/windows but can be removed if needed. The ones you recieved were simply window clings.:smiley:

My rear window company logo sticker is classified as a “semi-permanent” sticker. It withstands car washes, etc. but removes easily with a razor blade/ scraper. Sounds like the new NACHI sticker is the same :smiley:

Mine have been up for a year, no problem.

Sign me up for some, Lisa, and some more to hand out in my travels - please!

I’ll be sending these decals out to chapters as needed too!:wink:

remember to email with your mailing address

These decals are white only!!!

If I get enough requests, I’ll order some in black too.

i’d like a pair, i’ll e-mail you also

Tan Truck, black would be nice . . .

I just got the decals in today and have plenty. Most of the responses are being mailed out tomorrow. If any members or chapter heads are interested, please email me at

*please include your mailing address and how many you would like.

These stickers are white, but if I get a good response, I’ll get some made up in black too! :wink:

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I sleep as much as you Nick :wink: