Nachi Staff Please Read

Is there any way that the educational requirements in your courses could get changed so that students post all their little essays or chores anywhere but in our normal areas. Please start them a thread to post this information that is of no value to all of us and I believe it bothers a great many.

Members please chime in if you feel the same.

Nachi Staff, Do as you will :slight_smile: I just wanted to give my 2 cents. Yes everyone I know no one wants it. I just figured it could not hurt to ask.

Mick send this info to He makes the decisions

They already have a forum for it. Nick can’t help it if they don’t even know how to click a button.

Wayne is correct. What you want is already in effect.

If he had taken a course lately, he would know that. Perhaps it’s time for a CE audit! :twisted:

Maybe a warning if posted in wrong section will result in a Fail.:slight_smile:

Is there a training course for TPR recognition? :roll:

Removing the requirement for students to post on the MB would solve the problem instantly, poof… gone just as fast as it became a problem. :wink:

LOL! Mickey show us that TPR valve trophy again…:smiley:

Now that is just being Nasty :slight_smile:

That thought crossed my mind, but I thought I should keep my mouth shut. Thankfully you’re here and can always be counted on to say what everyone else is thinking, haha.

What’s a TPR?


Temperature pressure relief

I don’t get it…


LOL. You know Kevin, it can be confusing.

Just glad he didn’t get confused about the “main tank” to “sub tank” issue… :wink:

Thanks then Fail them when they do it wrong :slight_smile:

Yeah some common sense unlike a certain FOOL.


I put it in all my paperwork to anyone as a award :slight_smile:

Well now, how ironic… just the other day…