NACHI state chapter president/CMI becomes Chamber of Commerce President.

I am very pleased to announce that long time NACHI member and state chapter president and CMI Russell Spriggs has been named the Chamber of Commerce President of Spirit Lake, Idaho.

During Russell’s 2-year term, the city of Spirit Lake will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. “This is an exciting time in Spirit Lake- unprecedented current growth in an old frontier logging town,” says Spriggs.

Most area residents have had their power restored after last week’s wind storms, but Spriggs and some others around HooDoo Mountain are still without power. “When you live out this way, you stay prepared - and help your neighbors!” he reports.

Congratulations Russell!

Excellent! Way to go Russell.

Good Luck, but you probably won’t get this until after you get your power back on.

Just kidding


Way to go Russell.

Hey, guys, thanks!

And yes, we’re powered up again.

But, someday, I wanna be president of something that has a paying position!

Congratulations Russ

**Congratulations Russell!

You mean now i have to call you Mr. President!! Again!!

Well done Russ.:smiley:

At least it’s not of the U.S., Hank!
That’s one paid position I’d never want!

Thanks again, guys.

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