Nachi Store?

I bought a combustible gas meter from the Nachi Store and the first time out it doesn’t work right it wont zero itself out. My question is there is no contact info on who to contact for an exchange or my money back. Can anybody tell me who to contact?


Nachi Store - Home Inspector Store
Professional Laboratories Inc.
1675 N. Commerce Parkway, Suite 100
Weston, Florida 33326
Phone: 800-427-0550
Fax: 954-384-4838

Or you can watch any thread and someone from there will try to sell you something.:slight_smile:

Thanks gonna call em right now.

Sorry it was under their contact us only goes to email. But I found the number to Nachi Tools if anybody was wondering. The number is 856-848-4440 you wont find this number on their website they run the website but their real buisness name is Reliable Procurement. They seem like a good company.

THAT is funny! :slight_smile: