Nachi, The Foundation and Estill County Ky

Earlier in the year, Clay Hardwick of the Kentucky Radon office contacted Nick Gromicko to see if Nachi could help the Richardson family of Irvine, KY with their radon problem. The Richardsons home has radon levels well above the EPA’s recommended remediation level, but the family could not afford to have the remediation performed.

Nick Gromicko worked with The Foundation for Safer Housing and pledged $500 toward the project, and the Foundation is covering the balance with help from some additional donors. The Foundation looked into the situation and made contact with Kenny Cole, a Health Dept official for Estill County to gather more information about the request for assistance and confirmation of the need for help.

The foundation then contacted Erby Crofutt, who in turn gave us contact information for Kenny McLaughlin of Radon Solutions of Kentucky, Inc. Kenny personally visited the Richardson home and performed an on site analysis and a mitigation evaluation.

The work performed was a combination effort put forth through the efforts of Kenny Cole, Estill County Health Dept, Clay Chadwick of the Kentucky Radon Office, to provide needed materials and preparation work. Nick, The Foundation and independent business owners, Erby Crofutt of B4U Close Home Inspections, Inc and Kenny McLaughlin of Radon Solutions of Kentucky, Inc. to help co-ordinate and perform the balance of the repairs.

This was a unique task for all involved. It required a lot of co-ordination of volunteers and logistics from Estill County, the Kentucky Radon office and the Foundation. The County and State Offices were providing portions of the materials required for mitigation, labor and materials were required to repair and interior and exterior areas of dwelling. The ranch style home had a waterproofing system installed that was more or less in the way and causing part of the problem. Also, a small rear addition was added on to the dwelling over a earth crawlspace, further adding to the remediation requirements. Kenny Cole mobilized the local volunteer group and completed the necessary interior and exterior repairs. Kenny McLaughlin with his crew installed and wired the equipment while overcoming a few minor problems with the existing drainage system.

The culmination was the co-ordinated effort of a County government, private sector and community volunteers to make a home safer to live in for the Richardson family! The project is now finally complete.

At the request of the Estill County Health Dept, the Richardson’s family details were requested to stay confidential. Let me say this though, they are a tight knit, hard working, self supporting family unit. They more than qualify for assistance on an economic level. The Foundation felt the need to lend its support to Estill County and to the Richardson’s.

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Thanks Nick for the contribution and to the others that sent in checks to help.

Thanks again Erby for your assistance.


Way to go Erby, Nick and Paul.

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Great job Erby, Nick and Paul.