Nachi To Build Its Own Hdtv Station!

It is with great pleasure and mounting excitement that I announce that NACHI will SOON have its very own operational HDTV television recording and broadcast station!

NACHI Certified Training has been asked by Nick to help facilitate the construction of the new NACHI HDTV Television Station, located in Boulder, CO. Construction of the station is to begin October 27th, 2006 - after we all get back from the ITA Conference in Las Vegas.

Hundreds of recorded 30 minute inspection shows will be able to be accessed simultaneously by up to 1,000 users (per show), that is, all at the same time! This is awesome technology and NACHI owns every bit of it!

Thank you, Nick, for letting us be a part of your unrelentless drive to be the best resource the Home Inspection industry has every dreamed of - we owe you a ton of thanks!

All of us within NACHI are proud of you and your accomplishments in our industry! Let’s keep it pumping! More HDTV News to come in the next few days!

That’s awesome! Will it be only accessible to NACHI members, or to anyone on TV.

I’m also looking into starting my own Internet TV Channel with full control over content etc. It’s pretty cool.

Planet NACHI!!! Resistance is Futile!

Looking forward to hearing more about this next week!

Russell! Did you read I got my own Newspaper Column?! :smiley:

Actually been busy the past week-
a bunch of 2x days.

Dunno what brought that on, I’ve done as much in the past week as I usually do in a month, this year!

So, whassup?

Going to ITA?

Maybe not ITA. But my local newspaper approved a daily column for me as a Home Inspector with articles, Q and A, etc. which should give me massive exposure for my business! Yay!

Russell…read through my bday present and see how right ON you were, to the months and days! Wow!

Numerology is all math.
Pythagorus is the Father of “Modern” Numerology.
As in, A squared plus B squared, etc.

It’s a tool that works - that’s why I’m a professional at it for the past 15 years!

Congrats, kiddo!


So it’s just math, it’s not spiritualism or anything?


Look at the link. You decide.:shock:

Russell, it will be great to see you at Vegas - there IS alot to discuss. Keep busy and stay safe. We are just getting started!

Hey Tom,

I’ve offered to help Nick get this up and going too.

Let me know when you guys need help.

Way to go Tom - if I were closer I’d be willing to give a helping hand.

Oh Gosh Darnit I Wanna Go. :frowning:

Anyone know if we have begun or finished the “House of Horrors” in the U.S. yet?

How is the one in Canada doing?

How the

How about the commercial education venue.

Tom, I’m glad to see you at the helm of the Colorado Chapter I started a few years ago! Looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate, and I’m interested to see what’s on the menu - and how I can drum up interest for it around the country!