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It looks OK but I think you will have problem with the acoustics!

Lapel wireless mics.

Also, I can edit a fog horn right out of it with Final Cut Pro, even if we’re speaking over it. All digital.


I’m dating myself,I have no idea what you just said,but I’m sure you know what you are doing!

The only reason I mentioned acoustics I built a local cable studio,at least the interior.The designer was very specific about acoustic properties of differant products used.We are talking about the late 80’s

Nick a couple sugestions from an old Studio owner from when studios were built better.

  1. You have to many hard surfaces and sharp corners.
  2. Florsent lights cause Micraphones to hum.
    3.The window in the sound control room is going to cause some harmonic distorsion.

What brand Mix board are you using? are you transfering to tape? and what size? or are you doing the complete digital thing. What cameras are you using?
Hint most pro news teams etc… are still using Beta Cams for the picture defonission and quality and then transfering it to digital.
oh no I can’t use spell check when I do a Quick reply OOOP’s