NACHI Tool Bar

Got my new computer and lost my Nachi Tool Bar.

Anyone no where to get the link to get it back.

Thank you:):smiley:

The Firefox version would not load on my computer though. Says ““NACHI Home Inspector Toolbar” will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates”.

The IE version caused me not to be able to close IE8. I had to revert to Task Manager to close IE and even it had a hard time.

Both versions are Beta so issues are to be expected I suppose.

Thanks Mike, but something appears to not let this download properly in IE also.

Can’t open as a tool bar.


Where did you get the one you had? I didn’t even know NACHI had such a thing until I searched for it.

Don’t know what I did Mike, but it finally appeared on IE, so something worked.

…and are you able to close IE OK? If so, then you’re good to go. It is a pretty neat toolbar I must admit.

Chris M. had posted it a couple of years ago and never saved the link and when the computer gurus transferred info from my eleven year old computer to new, they could not move it.

I always enjoyed having that function because it is always at hand.

I find it very convienient. :slight_smile: