NACHI trashed at Committee Meeting

Cam Allen firmly denounced NACHI and NACHI inspectors to the Standing Committee on Social Policy today. Having established he had helped start or build all but one Home Inspection Association in Ontario (I know of at least three he had nothing to do with) he went on to trash talk Internet Associations and NACHI in particular. Then he can out to say the NHICC and RHI designations should get an extra year to grandfather in to regulation.

No conflict of Interest there eh??!!

Well if Cam Allen thinks the RHI needs an extra year to prove it’s worth for Grandfathering in, let them have it I say.

The CCHI is already up to the level recommended in the MGCS recommendations paper and the NHI is only mandatory Insurance and Police background checks behind. Easy fix as these two will likely be required by regulation anyway.

The RHI however still has a hangover from people it grandfathered in itself at a lot lower level as well as the issue it has around the “500” RHIs inferred to the Committee today.

Once again it shows that just membership in OAHI grants one an RHI, hardly an auditable qualification.

Interesting Thanks Len

If you have any links to the hearings or transcripts, could you post them.

Thank you.

Very interesting you complain about OAHI grandfathering their own in .
Well I know for a fact my son had to go to Buffalo to write the ASHI exams to get excepted into OAHI as a member RHI the class had a lot of Canadians OAHI members writing the exam .
Strange I see you are a CMI I do not recollect you complaining about how you and others got their CMI .
It is obvious you have no use for OAHI but they where the ones who for years added much education and improvements and authenticity to the home inspection industry .

This was long before NACHI came along .

By the pictures and what was written before it looked to me like you where very close with OAHI in the presentation of this bill to parliament

Is it wrong to try and cooperate with other associations? Ontarioachi tries to keep relations with every association at a professional level… ohia has not cooperated, because they think they are beyond reproach.
As Donald said…WRONG!

I wonder why you and your cohorts refused to cooperate .
Any time I asked questions about OntarioACHI .
I was refused information and attacked frequently with very bad language .
Bunk frequent lies come from your group.

Sorry but I fail to see your relevance to this thread! I don’t believe you were attacked or any bad language was used. I don’t recall any lies either from this thread. I btw don’t have a cohort or know of a cohort or even know if they are real or fiction but tend to think the latter!

Strange how your post went from “Very Interesting Thanks Len” last night to you usual BS diatribe today.

Does it really take you that long to come up with your insults and attacks?

I suspect he has to talk to Wanda so he knows what to think :wink:

You call it BS you of all people are a champion on the BS .
You get a little bit of Knowledge and try to convince all you are an expert .
Fortunately most can see just what sort of a person you are .

Thanks for posting. I don’t see some because I have them on ignore…

How do we go from talking about someone attacking InterNACHI to once again a biased attack on OntarioACHI by one of the usual individuals?

His buddy uses every possible opportunity to attack anything NACHI, CMI etc… It’s very clear from his previous posts that he supports OAHI and has done everything to feed his buddies on InspectionNews.

Inkster has also been on record as a fence building guy between OAHI andOACHI.
Well so much for his lip service and not bashing other associations, and then to skew facts to push his agenda.

Good morning Ray. Still using other peoples accounts?

blah, blah, blah.

Yep… Thread highjacked by the usual… Sad to see, yet again.

More personal insults from Mr. Professional himself.

Great glad you are getting the facts

Hurry up and take a nap you old sick piece of S H I T

It is obvious he does not have the mental capability to post on his own.

Wanda cannot post anywhere else so he has to direct his puppets to do it for him

If, and when the facts are clear, some of you can say you’re sorry to Roy, but I suspect/expect, that day will never come.

1: Could we have a credible official count of OntarioACHI members?
All the members and associations.
1a. No names.
Just what other associations are affiliated with OntarioACHI how many.

2: Can directors that have not paid their dues direct as full paying members?