NACHI trashed at Committee Meeting

Looks like something Wanda would write

I thinks he’s one of those licensing and regulations guys.
Too bad.
So sad.

Cam’s a ham for the camera or microphone.
Yes he has time severed but has a biased opinion harms the industry I feel.

I suspect his attitude destroys his ability to work within the home inspection and real estate industry. Lack of market share I suspect.

I suspect, if he had work he would have no time to shut misinformation. I have little time to think most weeks.
Thank you Nick/InterNACHI!

If you look stateside and in Canada, InterNACHI is accepted for licensing and regulations.

Poor Cam.
Still on a witch hunt for the INTERNET boogeyman instead of joining InterNACHI to make what “he feels” are shortcomings.
Too bad.
So sad.

Thank you for the compliment.:slight_smile:
You do realize he is highly regarded and knowledgeable don’t you?

Take some time off the MB Jim.

Will some one please tell Pat Auriol his dues again are not paid at OntarioACHI

OntarioACHI ID : ONACHI13020601
Inspector Name: Pat Auriol Inspector Company: Address: 42292 - 128 Queen Street South City: Mississauga Postal_Code: L5M 4Z4 **Inspector’s Bio
No Bio has been entered for this member yet

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CCHICCHI0023212014-01-09 00:00:002016-04-30 00:00:00

CPINACHI100419092010-04-19 00:00:00

CMINACHI100419092013-08-21 00:00:00

L1TCON-4132462012-07-23 00:00:002017-07-23 00:00:00

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How do you know they are not paid?

Is a website required to be updated daily to make you happy?

I have never seen a more pathetic individual as you.

Highly Regarded?

Maybe in your and Cookes mind.

Knowledgeable I will give you that

No one has ever questioned his knowledge

Just his lack of ethics,

This past October I went to OntarioACHI site and counted 81 Ontario listed paid members , two Quebec paid members and 59 Ontario non paid membersfor a total of 142 listed members.
My totals could have a slight error but they do indicate OntarioACHI is far short on what they list as total members.


Jim, would you like to do a comparison?
Unfortunately you do not like what he thinks of certain associations. That is called opinion.

Ethics violations appears to be your strong suite.:wink:

You and your sidekicks would not know what Ethics are.

Just look at Cookes post the other day, You call that ethical?

If you do then your a lowlife the same as him

So this pathetic sick minded old man is upset because he is not entitled to the information he seeks.

Someone give him a bib to catch his drool

Ah… Thanks for the reminder as I was going to check…

Isn’t this thread about InterNACHI and the committee meetings??

How come this turned out to be a highjacked thread for the same rants and attacks by the usual pair…

So biased they can’t even stay on thread to support their Association.

Unfortunately Cam Allen is a disgruntled home inspector and mad about many things he can not control. Market share for one. So he caught the ear of a journalist and the march went to MMP’s.

I would expect any inspector to act professionally in front of a committee.
It is my concern when committees start to question associations it becomes political.

Many denounce InterNACHI. I suspect it about market share, their profit margins, and their member joining InterNACHI.

In the end InterNACHI will prevail under any circumstances, unless Nick turns to Trumptasics. Lol.

Why you even let it bother you?
The CMI and later on CCHI are measurable in the industry.