NACHI.TV coming to Ontario to shoot custom commercials for NACHI members.

We want to bring a camera crew to Ontario for a couple days to shoot custom commercials in digital video. We will host them all and all you will have to do is link to your respective commercial from your website. No technical skills necessary.

Anyway, is anyone on vacation the first part of 2007 or out of town who would want to participate in this? We want to pick dates that are good for everyone interested.

I will be on vaction the last 2 weeks of Feb. otherwise I’m good.


This would have to be centrally located for all members. I’m thinking of driving distances.Why can’t we do this at the May Convention? Everyone will be there!

That’s what Inspection Universe is doing with NACHI.TV.

What is the cost Nick? Will the members be able to obtain a copy to use in a local TV market?

]( Any time just let us know in advance, are you looking for realtors/board memebers. I know of a Home/trade show that is going on in Feb.23-25th/07