NACHI.TV episode with the President of Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings (HADD)

Hi All-

I just got off the phone with Nancy Seats, the President of Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings (HADD.) Jim Bushart helped us out with this one. We’ll be filming an interview with her in St. Louis.

She also asked if you all could take a few moments and sign their petition. They are a grassroots non-profit and need thousands of signatures to be heard.

*From: Nancy Seats June 3rd 2008

>>When you get a chance, sign the HADD petition requesting a Congressional hearing and ask everyone you know to sign it as well. We don’t have money for campaign contributions and lobbyists so we need thousands of signatures for our voices to be heard.

Because Builders Owe a Duty Beyond Cashing Your Checks
Request for a Congressional hearing concerning accountability of the Home Building Industry
Nancy Seats, President
Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings INC. (HADD INC)
Member: National Alliance Against Construction Defects
A National Not for Profit Organization
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead*

We are really excited to do a show with Nancy. If you guys have any ideas for shows let us know. You are our audience, we want to produce what you want to see. Post ideas or email them to


Idea for NACHI TV…

Contact an insurance vendor and find a claim against an inspector that is expected to go to trial.

Interview both parties, objectively. If permitted, film the trial. If not, film a NACHI attorney’s analysis of the trial…evidence submitted, testimony, etc.

Film the outcome.

Great idea Jim. We’ll look into that…

Please sign the petition if you have a few minutes. Nancy is working really hard for home inspectors…


Nancy has really came to bat for us in Missouri. Her cause is just and necessary

Nancy was instrumental in helping us defeat the efforts of the Missouri Association of Realtors and a handful of ASHI presidents hoping to become vendors/board members by way of HB 2057.

She helped illustrate the hypocrisy of those pushing legislation that would put the home inspector under control of the lobbyists…in a state that has no building codes or enforcement.

The Missouri Association of Builders and the Missouri Association of Realtors want to sell the house at a greater profit than what they feel would happen if they were forced to comply with silly and petty interferences from IRC and NEC.

Nancy represents those homebuyers who spend a fortune to have a home built, arrange for 30-year financing in order to pay for it, and find major structural defects that sometimes forces them to move. The builder’s lobby in Missouri has successfully pushed laws that keep homeowners from suing them.

If they fail to contact the builder within a certain period and refuse to participate in an arbitration program with him, they forfeit any right to recover in court.

These folks want to complain about OUR limited liability for our $300 fees…while they walk away from $300,000 cash deals with no liability at all. And…according to Nancy…with no one even holding them accountable to any kind of building standards.

The same lobbyists who are pushing home inspection legislation are fighting Nancy’s attempts to bring reasonable protection…that is, to require a builder to build in accordance with an approved standard.

In 2009, instead of waiting for the next goofy HI bill to be expelled from the colon of Mike Parson, Republican, Bolivar, MO, we want to take the fight to them.

It is tragic what is happening to the unsuspected buyers of these new homes in our state. It tears my heart out when I see somebody you worked hard to own a home and then discover their new home is about ready to fall down, or mold is so bad because of flashing was not installed so the builder can save a few dollars.
Some builder’s mentality is just caulk it, it will be okay. I just saw a builder do the very thing. The caulk did not make it as long as he hoped because he used the wrong kind.
I seen cases where bankruptcy was the consumers only option. Too bad the legislators sits on their hands on this one. It can’t be because they are not hearing any complaints about home builders.
I received a huge raise in my liability insurance premium of my construction company. It was about three times what I was use to paying. I asked the insurance company why, I have had this policy for years and never filed a claim? They responded, yes but other contractors have. Heck, I would like to see legislation of home builder’s just to lower the honest builders’ insurance premiums down.