NACHI TV funny video.

Are those NACHI Carharts oh blind one.:smiley: :wink:

Hey, I actually did that once.

I got so busy one day that when I got home to
write the report… I could not remember if a
certain house had a fireplace or not.

It was not a good feeling.

Even CMI’s look dumb sometimes…:shock:

OK… I just set up a perfect slam dunk for
someone to take a cheap shot at me.
Go ahead, I can take it.

Our staff is pretty creative. They came up with a couple dozen concepts for commercials (some serious). This one I rejected but I’ll post all of them for fun.

That must be Paul.

I’m the actor in the clip. I think we should hold our own Oscar Awards… yes? :smiley:

NACHI Awards…2007

"Best Actor Nominees"

Nick Gromicko in “How’s My Hair?”
John Bowman in “Where’s My Hair?”
Joe Tedesco as “Sparks” in the “Electrical Forum”
dan harris as himself in “Why I Just Can’t Stay Away from NACHI”

"Best Actress Nominees"

Wendy Forsythe as “Wendy Forsythe”
Mike Rowan as Professor Harold Hill in “Mr. President”



I vote for the ELF’s…

Paul, I studied your technique for months before the day of the shoot. LOL!

NACHI Awards —2007

Nominees for Best Wardrobe

Joe Tedesco in “The French Maid
Paul Abernathy in “Elf You!”
Nick Gromicko in “The Case of the Missing Fireplace”

Awards Nomination

Please select the award you wish to make .

Marcel:) :slight_smile: :wink:
Awards Committee Chairman