NACHI.TV has built a mock shower stall for upcoming training episode on meter use.

Is Paige going to be in that one too? The shower of course. :slight_smile:

Of course!

I have had a Tramex moisture meter since the early 90’s!

I have used their readings in several successful Court Trials and the Judges and juries found them to be the deciding factor in several legal decisions.

I highly recommend them!

{But then again you have to know how to use them as you can place the meter over a sheet rocked wall and hit a “metal corner” and get a false positive.}


I’ll bet that you could charge $49.95 for 10-minutes for that episode!:wink:

Ben and Nick are planning a bubble bath inspection next. :slight_smile:

Since no one has said it yet, I call dibs on filming in the shower with Paige.:mrgreen: