NACHI.TV model Paige Peters does an Promo. Watch it now.

Gosh she folds a nice brochure;-)

I watch it over and over, late at night.

:slight_smile: Get some sleep Nick :slight_smile:

She folds better than I can.:slight_smile:

I just got a box of these but for the life of me I don’t see any “light scoring” which makes foldin go a bit slower.

Thanks for the inside template.

Now how about template for the backside?

Michael, I thought the same, but the light scoring is there.

Typically you would write an address on the back side, an address of a homeowner coming up on his/her 1 year builder warranty or a REALTOR or whatever.

Be on the look out for more shows!

Paige Peters

I like the origami 1.01

Maybe in version 1.02 she could finish by doing a crane or dragon :wink: