NACHI.TV now available on the iPhone & iPad

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we just pushed out an update to NACHI.TV that makes it available on all iOS devices. Not every video in our collection is iPhone-ready, but most of the new ones are and we’re working to get the older ones converted. Now you can watch NACHI.TV just about anywhere!


That is awesome…thank you!


Does not allow sign in from my Evo Chris

And remember… www.NACHI.TV is free for all InterNACHI members.

What do you mean it doesn’t let you sign in? Are you getting an error?

Says I am using the wrong password .
Just tried on the desktop and that signs in fine however, so the sign in issue is smartphone related.

The password is case-sensitive—make sure your phone isn’t automatically capitalizing the first letter of your password. They’re the exact same site (there’s no special “mobile” version), so it’s very unlikely that it has to do with the site (unless the Evo sends form data in a non-standard way, which I’m almost 100% certain it doesn’t).

Tried that however one of my apps does not recognize characters from my keyboard swift keys app well so I will try and type in with the standard android keyboard later.

Get a real phone Bob. That POS Mongoloid is the problem. I tried one for a week and took it back. Just can’t beat the original…IPhone, not a copycat.:wink:

I can feel that saliva dripping and hear the gurgling from here.:mad:
EVO beats i phone.

Works and looks great!

Work great on my IPhone and IPad.

If the iPhone & iPad could have just included Flash like the rest of the world it would have worked from the start.

Looks good Chris, too bad you had to do extra work!


Do you not worry about performance when developing Home Inspector Pro?

On the opening page of Safari for the I-phone many of the screen shots to choose from, for example, “Structural Solutions” takes you to a 2 minute promo for HVAC training. There are others as well. Does that mean something?:slight_smile:

You need to sign in.


I cannot reproduce that on my iPhone. Email me and we’ll figure out what’s going on for you.


That’s AWESOME, Thanks CHRIS