NACHI.TV Studios expand to 10,200 sq. ft. for new Commercial Inspection Division.

I am pleased to announce that NACHI.TV has taken over the building next door for the purposes of launching a new Commercial Inspection Training Division.

For our first project, we’ve already hired 2 commercial fire door installation companies to install a variety of fully operational commercial fire doors inside our new studios.

We will soon be announcing a 2-day hands-on training course (free to members outside of Colorado) similar to and but based on InterNACHI’s International Standards for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors:

The new building expands the NACHI.TV Studios to over 10,000 square feet.

Live class training is what this organization needs more. Thanks, Nick.

By some time in 2009, we’ll have a live, hands-on training class running every 2 weeks.

Nick, will this course be based on Joe’s seminar on ASTM 2018 or will it be expanded to cover a complete commercial inspection.
Thanks, I would attend if it’s more hands on.

The courses will all be based solely on

I am for a complete course. At least a week long.