NACHI TV waiting for Kenny Hart's flight

Kenny Hart is flying in today to go on NACHI TV. His flight has been canceled due to weather :frowning:

Ice…Ice…Ice down here in VA…Probably gonna get nasty down his way tonight as it is nasty up here right now.

Well, there goes my date for Valentines Day. Just my luck :roll:

Its 12 degrees and snowing here


Amazing the weather system that hit the country! New York won’t quit I heard.

Global warming my a$$ :roll:

Just joking this is all part of the cycle.

Ummm…better not mention your a$$ around here. Could start trouble. :wink:

Kenny got another flight. He should be in around 11 tomorrow morning. Dee, do you want me pick him up at the airport? I don’t mind.

Buy Dee a Rolls Royce (she’s worth it), and have her pick up Kenny. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dee.

You ain’t tellin a FIB here Wendy…We love when she mentions it…:slight_smile: but pictures are BETTER :slight_smile:

I 2nd that Paul. And I mean Dee’s Paul not yours. :shock: