Nachi TV

Does anyone happen to know why the video that Ben did only runs for about 12 minutes and then converts to a NACHI TV picture for the other 23? It was a bit embarrassing today when this happened but thank goodness it happened at my monthly Nachi meeting. I was showing the video to fellow inspectors who had questions about thermal cameras and home inspections. :frowning:

I just played the video twice. No problems. Smooth playing.

A few recommendations about playing video via the Internet: Al Gore (inventor of the Internet) recommends a high-speed connection. Anything other than high-speed may have some buffering delays. Be careful about jumping far ahead in the video if it is not yet bufferred. There’s a buffering green bar that slides (to the right) ahead of the playhead. If you jump past that green buffering bar, the video will freeze up until the video is buffered to that point.

So, (1) everything is technically good on our end (NACHI.TV).
(2) Al Gore recommends high-speed.
(3) Let the video buffer.
(4) If you need assistance with NACHI.TV, don’t make a post on NACHI.ORG. Contact me by phone (good) or email (best).
Ph: 303-862-2611 Em:

**Thanks for watching. **

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Save the video and play it off line.

I would not depend on a live stream at a presentation.

I think Mark means this one: is an awesome commercial BTW.

It is a cool commercial, I especially like the music.

Thanks Ben. I did have it connected directly to a high speed internet connection. I will just download and save it to my computer or maybe a cd and use it that way.