Nachi tv

Any one been having an issue with their accounts when signing up for the NACHI TV online training video deal?

I have signed up for an account and given my credit card information twice.
The first time I was able to access the videos with no problems. Then the next day I couldn’t. So I put in my credit card information again. It allowed me to view the videos again. And now today I can’t.

It tells me that my account is inactive and it may be due to an expired credit card. Well, my credit card is NOT expired and there is plenty of money in my account.

Any clue?’


Scott when ever I had any problems with NACHI.TV I contacted Ben. He has a magic wand or something. ( or 303-862-2611.
Good Luck

Hey guys,

If you’re having an issue with your account, go to and email us. Usually you get this message if your card expired or is declined. Often what happens is that the security code or phone number don’t match up with what’s registered at your bank, so our system won’t let us process it. Just get in touch and we’ll figure out what’s going on.