Nachi Tv

The NACHI TV set is coming along. Nick studded all the walls of the TV show set and hung all the drywall. The s[size=2]how is called NACHI.TV and that the domain has been registered. [/size]

Hey Deanna,

Have you pulled all the necessary building permits for your project? Which NACHI inspector is performing the “Draw” inspections? Are all the employees wearing hard hat protection? Remember, Nick is walking around with a hammer!:wink:

Nick used to build homes and he was a Inspector for many years. I know he has all his ends covered.

Nick is the one who needs to look out for the hammer in my hand :smiley:

Hey Nick and Dee,

I will come out and finish all of the drywall for you. It would be interesting to see what kind of job Nick did with hanging the board.

Infact Nick is so good that he bought just the right amount of material. We did not have to clean up anything because he made use of everything.

Thanks Greg but there is no need, its DONE!!! Nick did a perfect job. You should come out here anyway and be a guest on the show.

Have you guys considered live internet feeds? This can be developed into some really interesting educational opportunities.

I knew that Nick would do a perfect job, just like he does everything else. I would be honored to be a guest on the show. Just let me know when and where. It is only a few hours away by plane.

Thats the idea James. Chris is working on the internet stuff now while Nick and I build.

Greg I can be your make-up man and agent

Google buys youtube for record price.

It seems that you may really be onto something here with this project.

Now your thinking like Nick. You have the right idea :wink:

Sounds like a good idea.

I would like to volunteer for an interview during
the beta stage of development. I had my own
radio program for about 2 years. 1 year of
which was live with an open call-in line.

If I can be of any help, just let me know.
I do not care if my interview is broadcast
or not… I would just like to help during the
beta testing period, if you need someone.


You could do a live panel discussion with
several inspectors using todays web cam
hardware. Each inspector could participate
from a different part of the country.

This could really be interesting and easy
to put together.

I figure since I won a date with Deanna
and gave her away to someone else, that
I could go on TV and explain what a big
mistake I made. NACHI has benefits that
go way beyond the normal inspector
associations… cha-chinggg! This could
really go some place.


He was just lucky!!!


P.S. Nobody is that good!!!

Ok…Ok…who did the electrical…Can’t have just any HACK in their wiring that place up…

OH…BTW…I am the first GUEST on tha show…Nick Promised…:wink: