NACHI.TV's Cannon GL2's (4) are for sale. $1K each.

Great shape. Accessories. Boxes for each.

NACHI.TV has gone to wide-screen, HD cameras.

do you have pic/info?

Nice camera

Very nice cameras, I have one myself

well I will give ya $ 500.00 for one with accessories…:wink:

I will give you $600.00 cad

HD? Better put plenty of makeup on the guests. Have you seen Andrea Mitchell in HD? I wish I hadn’t.


Tempting, I am looking for some for the church, but wanted the option of recording directly to dvd. Guess I could add an external recorder to the side. Our current camera goes dead if you do not adjust it every five minutes, can you turn this on and leave it, and it still shoot a picture to the recorder?


$800 for InterNACHI members.

You can use the GL2 to record to a separate DVD recorder if that is what you want to do. There is an output on the camera that can run to a DVD recorder. Also, the GL2 will shoot for as long as you want and not shut off after a while, as other consumer level cameras might due to a “power saving mode” that they come standard with.

$ 500.00 baby…we will call it a previous Member of the Year Discount…lol

and just so everyone knows not everyone is joyful on Christmas…check this out…lol

NACHI.TV’s Cannon GL2’s… 12/25/08 8:10 AMreeeee

Attorney Joe Ferry just bought one. 3 left.

I am gonna do some study on it, it may suit the needs afterall. It would make a good tax write off nick, if you would like to donate one. ha… Thanks for the information. A local sound installer has a hd camera that he sells for churches at a lower price straight from the manufacturer, gonna check how much first.


You can hook up a Sony’s DVDirect® Recorder Connects Directly to Your Camcorder or VCR. I have one and I love it. I have started to do video inspections. I have a back back that I have it in connected to a battery pack. So I record live direct to it. Here is the link for it