NACHI.TV's new Pay-Per-View show on inspecting an older home to InterNACHI's SOP.

I’m still waiting for my FREE video.

This is the one video I’d like to see, but I refuse to pay money to watch iNACHI members inspect an older home.

I refuse to pay money to watch iNACHI members inspect an older home.
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Could that be because you and I live in a section of the country where we see homes built in th 1600’s, 1700, and 1800’s on a regular basis?:wink:

Some of the oldest homes and most Historic buildings in America are located in our area.

They are a pleasure to inspect!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, these old homes (in our area) are definitely a venture. I love going through these ancient buildings.

Knob & Tube wiring, 30 to 60 Amps, Post and Beam construction, real 2 X 4’s, trees (with the bark still intact) that are supporting the structure, slate roofs, window panes with the original wave in them, single pane windows with the pulley system, gravity heating systems, deteriorating cast iron waste lines, lead water supply piping, Powder Post Beetles infestations, and list goes on and on.

I simply want to see this video (but I’m not paying a dime), so I can compare their older homes to the homes in New England.

I have inspected many homes that were built in the late 16th & 17th century.The foundations consisted of Hand placed Stones/boulders.

The frames of these homes were built with " Hand Hewn Trees / Lumber".

In more than one home I have found “hidey holes”. These are small rooms That the settlers used to hide in During the Indian raids.

  • During one inspection I found an American Nickel that was dated 1865. {We gave it to the Home owner.}

I am always finding loose triangular shaped nails from the 16th and 17th century.I have about a dozen of these in my collection.
During another inspection we found several old newspapers from the 1800’s that were stuffed into cracks in the walls.

A friend of mine found a “draft notice” From the Civil War!

I once found a loose floorboard In the center of a Master bedroom. When I picked it up I found that it was a small area that was being used as a “Safe”.
My clients thought it was the neatest thing since Popcorn!

Come on David it is only $24.95. You might get some tips on how to dress to impress the client. It looks like shorts and a tee shirt is the new style.


How about fronting me a measly $24.95?


I would have to go out and perform 3 inspections for that kind of profit.

Inspections here are $49.95 and going lower.

I decided to start offering them for free just so I would have something to do.

All you have to do is lower your prices and perform two $15.00 inspections and I’ll have the money I need for the video plus tips. I’m not working right now so I need someone to help me out. My kids are presently eating Mac & cheese in the box for every meal.

PLEASE…I’ll pay you back. I promise.

Is Reports Inc. trying to cash in on the wave of newly licensed Kansas inspectors?

David you sound like congress, i’ll pay you back. Haaaaaa, Haaaaaa:p

In 1994 I was working in Boulder on a carpentry crew and demo-ing some walls in a home built in the late 1920s. That day the US was pulling troops out of Haiti and that was the headline on the front page of the Denver Post.

I pulled an old newspaper out of the wall from 1931. It was the Denver paper. The headline was “US Troops Leave Haiti”. Pretty wierd!

Nice artical Nick. Pay per view on the other hand, More will drop out of Nachi as time goes by I think.

We’ve been getting a bunch ship jumpers from that mini-association lately. Not sure why.

Might have to do with the slow real estate market. Many inspectors need help, and help is what we are all about.

Cool Beans!:stuck_out_tongue: