****InspectAPedia**®]( is Still showing this "warning"at this directory next to anyone listed there as a Nachi member.

A few are regular visitors to this message board.

Encyclopedia is spelled with an “O” not an “A.” Our correctly spelled domain name was registered first on March 25, 2006 (see below).

His knock-off, misspelled (note how he colors his “A” in red in a lame attempt to help people misspell our domain name and direct traffic to his site) was registered more than a year after we registered (see below) and his trademark wasn’t registered until 2009.

The following is taken directly from:

He should be on his own Web Theft Hall of Shame.

Dan had previously demonstrated the professional courtesy in restraining from throwing individual’s name-sake from being thrown under the bus, in regards to this issue

I guess he changed his mind, as may I.

Can’t the Nachi inspector sue him for this?

Someday … I hope that someone will explain what a “NACHI inspector” is.

NACHI Inspector definition: James Bushart