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Just a quick note to let some of you who are wondering if the Nachi Websites work. They do!!!

I'm one of those horrible newbes that some people write about. I joined Nachi last Sept. and have done no advertising, other then letting a couple of friends know I was doing home inspections. To date I have done 113 inspections, 90 + have come from various websites or referrals from clients that first found out about me from a Nachi site. I had planned on only doing 50 inspections the first year since I wanted to gain experience and learn without the pressure of deadlines etc..

I work fulltime Monday thru Thursday and do inspections on Friday and Saturdays. I always let people know what my schedule is and so far nobody has objected.

I visit the Nachi site at least three times a week and use the test questions and the online exam to see where I need to study more. I have attended several chapter meetings, the closest one is 500 miles away until this fall when one is starting only 350 miles away. Having met Nick at these meetings I have only found him helpful and very knowledgable. I have emailed Nick many times with questions and always received thoughtful (sometimes humorous) answers.

Can Nachi improve? Yes!
Has Nachi improved? Constantly!

I personally don't care if the "N" stands for "Nick's". Nachi works and from what I see has taken home inspections as a profession farther into the future than ANY other association.

"If you always do what you've always done, You'll always get what you've always got."

Craig Lambert
Green Side Up Home Services
Livingston, MT.

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Congratulations on your success!!!

Great post also.

Greg Bell
Bell Inspection Service

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Congrats Craig,

It seems that this has worked for you. Keep up the great work and I sincerely hope your inspection load doubles in the near future. Take care.

Patrick M. Sisler
Alta Sierra Home Inspections

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Congrats! Hard to believe in Montana that you would be that busy!

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Thanks Craig:

I'm glad to see you back tracking and counting the source of your leads. Most members under-appreciate our lead generation work as it is not so directly quantifiable. Chris is working on a big project to really increase leads from NACHI owned sites (many are covert sites). No, he won't explain it publicly.

Anyway, please join me in Montana at our Chapter meeting in September:

Board of REALTORS past president and State official are guest speaking.

Nick Gromicko

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