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Good article, BUT…

How does deck-lok prevent a deck from falling off the side of a building.

All these brackets do is assist in reinforcing the floor joists, railings and rim boards to each other. A rotted ledger board with many deck-lok brackets installed, will still allow a deck to fall to the ground.

Lag bolts (and their placement) and flashing (over the ledger) are the two items that prevent a deck from falling off a building. Not DECK-LOK.

For the house to deck attachment, DeckLok brackets are installed with bolts on the floor joists and the connecting the rim joist and ledger board together. Another set attaches to the deck’s joists, then through the ledger board and rim joist.



I read your product test results ( ). The testing was performed by “WSU Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory College of Engineering and Architecture” and makes multiple references to the ICC IRC standards. Will your firm be seeking any testing by ICC Evaluation Services, ? Please do not take offense but ICC-ES is widely recognized and adds credibility to the product.